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Premkumar Lashmanane

Principal Investigator

Currently running his own laboratory at UNU School of Medicine:




Izabella Castillo

Research Technician

Currently in Prem’s Lab


Edwing Centeno

Research Associate

Currently in Prem’s Lab


Laura Whites

Research Scientist (-2023)

Currently leading Global Vaccines Inc.


Ryan Bhowmik

Research Technician (2020-2023)

Currently at UGA for his PhD in Bio-Informatics


Lindsay Dahora

Post-Doc (2021-2023)

Currently at CDC in GA


Tara Narowaski

Research Technician (2020-2023)

Currently a Research Associate I at IQVIA


Ramesh Jadi

Research Associate ( -2021)

Lab Corp


Emily Freeman 

Research Technician (2020-2022) 

Currently at East Carolina University School of Medicine 

Elizabeth Adams 

Research Technician (2019-2021) 


Salman Khan 

Research Technician (2020-2021) 

Currently at U-Penn Medical School 


Usha Nivarthi 

Research Associate (__-2021) 

Working at GSK 


Stefan Metz 

Research Associate (__-2020) 

Works as Manager of Vaccine Development at Emergent BioSolutions in San Diego 


Quique Guerra 

Undergraduate Research Assistant (__-2020) 

Currently traveling the U.S. in a self-converted camper van 


Ciara Gimblet-Ochieng 

Postdoctoral Research Associate (__-2020) 

Working at GSK in Philadelphia 


Stephen Graham 

Research Technician (2016-2020) 

Currently in medical school at St. George’s University 


Bruno Segovia 

Research Technician (2019-2020) 

Attending dental school at UNC Chapel Hill 


Matt Delacruz 

Research Technician & Undergraduate Assistant (2015-2020) 

Currently in medical school at East Carolina University 


Rajendra Rau 

Postdoctoral Research Associate (_-2020) 

Working as a senior research investigator at Syngene International Ltd. in India 


Hayley Anderson 

Undergraduate Assistant (2019-2020) 

Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and is now applying to PA school 


Ashlie Thomas 

Research Technician (2016-2020) 

Working as a Program Manager at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy 


Caitlyn Molloy 

Graduate Student (2017-2019) 

Currently a graduate student in Barb Vilen’s lab in the UNC-Chapel Hill Microbiology & Immunology Department 


Mark Stoops 

Research Technician (2016-2019) 

Currently a graduate student in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Marine Science program 


Rachel Walker 

Undergraduate Assistant (2017-2019) 

Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and is now working in the pharmaceutical industry 


Emily Gallichotte 

PhD Student (2014-2019) 

Joined the Edel lab at Colorado State University as a post-doctoral fellow 


Alice Liou 

Research Technician (2016-2018) 

Currently enrolled in medical school 


Matt Collins 

MD/PhD Fellow (2016-2018) 

Currently an assistant professor of medicine in the Infectious Diseases division at Emory University 


Mark Corten 

Visiting Scholar (2016-2017) 

Completing his Master’s at Wageningen Univeristy 


Bhumi Patel 

Research Associate (2012-2016) 

Studying to become a Physician’s Assistant 


Marit Lingemann 

Visiting Scholar (2015-2016) 

Completing her Master’s at Wageningen Univeristy. 


Gabe Hoekstra 

Research Technician (2015-2016) 

Enrolled in N.C. State’s Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology graduate school 


Eileen McGowan 

Research Technician (2014-2016) 

In Belize working as a Peace Corps Volunteer 


Kizzie Corbett 

Graduate Student 


Rukie de Alwis 

Graduate Student